Thanks are due to:

Tom Reeves, Tania Osband and Isaac Reeves for opening their archive and for working tirelessly on this project

The 67 private homes and businesses who agreed to host one or more of the 80 light boxes

Matt Haycocks for the design of the light boxes and the Stories behind the Poppy exhibition

Dean Pavitt for graphic design

Johannes Wolf for the website development

Standard 8 for printing of images for the lightboxes

DNA Photo Imaging of Worthing for printing the exhibitions

The staff at Lewes Town Hall for their continued support

Mick Larkin and the East Sussex Record Office for loans from their collections

Photography and Archive Centre and London College of Communication at the University of the Arts for encouraging and supporting Brigitte Lardinois, the curator of the Reeves Archive Project

Finally, the research project owes a huge debt of gratitude to the many local volunteers whose work has allowed us to begin the process of unveiling this archive. Thanks to the team who created a bespoke digital system that allows other volunteers to key in the business ledgers. These will reveal what is held in the Edward Reeves Archive. We are enormously grateful to all those who have built the exhibitions, assembled the lightboxes, researched the stories behind the plates and helped manage this project - because of their enthusiasm and involvement, the Edward Reeves Archive truly deserves to be called 'the Family Album of Lewes'.

Brigitte Lardinois
Research Project Leader & Curator
Kathryn Tollervey
Digital Curator Reeves Archive Project
Matt Haycocks
Exhibition Designer
Dean Pavitt
Graphic Designer
Isaac Reeves
Map Design